What makes Android Popular?

This is a digital world, where smartphones have become the necessities of life. Users are actively purchasing smartphones and many of them are choosing Android phones. Reason for choosing Android phones is not only because they are available at reasonable rates, but also because the android applications are easy to use and user friendly.

Today the demand of Android operating system runs not only on phones but also on tablets, smart watches, TV’s and other devices. Android operating system is developed by Google; it can be used for free and customized as per user’s choice. One of the major successes of Android is Google Play, an Android app from where one can easily install any applications for their device. Many applications available there are free this are one reason that Google Play catches large traffic than iOS or Windows operating systems.


With all these various companies have come up with different ideas of Android apps. Be it an application or apps android platforms are famous and so are their devices. Their popularity has compelled many to become an Android Development Agency. Various companies have provided Android Development Services. Easy to use and friendliness these services are praised by the clients.

Android is Free: From the date of its release Android is free and Google decided to keep it free for future as well. Being free enabled Google to join hands with leading hardware manufacturers and brings out an exceptional smartphones at reasonable rates.

Open Source: Google decided to keep Android open and thus unlike other mobile phones OS it is not protected with copyrights and laws.

App creation is easy: Android Development Company can easily create Android apps for smartphone or tablets. No coding skill is required as Google provide a set of tool using that creation of Android apps is easy.

Application Store: Google Play is the android application store. It has a wide range of applications that are used to enhance or improve the functionality of your application. The applications can be downloaded easily from the Google Play by just signing in to your Google account.

Hence, Android features are making it popular and increase its demand globally.



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