Validate Your Form: Top 5 jQuery Form Validation Plugins

  • jQuery Form Validation Plugins: Validation Functions


The jquery plugins provide ease in validation of user input and consists of varied validation functions. It helps you to choose only those modules of validation functions that are required for validating a specific form. There are varieties of plugins in jquery that are used for validation of form. Plugins provide ease to both developer and user to work with. There are various benefits for using plugins of jquery for validation of form like:

  • The jquery plugin used for validating a form provide large number of customization options to provide ease to the user
  • jquery plugins provide large number of methods used for validation like email validation, form validation and many more
  • The jQuery plugins are easy to use for developers thus enable easily validation of form
  • These plugins are widely known for their reliability and effective usage
  • jQuery Plugins: Easily Validate A Form    

jQuery consists of large number of plugins options that provide multiple choice to users and web developers. Some of the jQuery form validation plugins are Parsley.js whihc is light weight and help you to easily validate the form, jQuery Validation plugin which makes form validation at clientside very easy, jQuery Validation Engine, Fields.js, jQuery Form Validator, Bootstrap Validator and many more. All the plugins are feature rich and consists of unique feature that differentiate them from each other. Moreover, plugins are used for validating not only form but also its all labels and functions. One can easily use plugins for various purposes and make their task easy.

  • The following 8 jQuery form validation plugins set themselves the goal of customizing error messages and styling, as well as simplifying the creation of validation rules.


  1. Parsley

An extensible plugin that offers ordinary options like localization and custom validation rules, but also a remote Ajax validation. The documentation is clean and easy to read and the project is actively maintained. Validation rules can be controlled using HTML5 form or custom data attributes.

Validate Your Form Top 5 jQuery Form Validation Plugins1

2. jQuery Form Validator

A modular plugin, that offers a basic set of validation rules by default and lets you load further modules on demand. For example: a file validator when uploading files, but also date, security or location modules. It also allows you to provide input suggestions. The validation is controlled with HTML5 data attributes.


3. Smoke

Smoke is a collection of components for Bootstrap – including a form validator. In comparison to the other Bootstrap validator (#4), it doesn’t use native browser validation – therefore error messages aren’t automatically localized and validation rules have to be specified using HTML5 and data attributes, as well as JavaScript.


4. FormValidation

A premium jQuery validation plugin from 50$ with built-in integrations for Bootstrap, Foundation and others. It has a huge amount of validation rules as well as options and could be profitable for applications with many complex forms.


5. Validetta

This plugin offers validation using a data attribute, with quite limited options. It comes with just the basic validation rules, everything else can be added with custom regular expressions – but there is no example demonstrating it.




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