TypeScript 2.0 Released

TypeScript 2.0 has been released by Microsoft. It comes with Readonly modifiers, Non-nullable Types and Simplified Declaration File Acquisition.

Daniel Rosenwasser, TypeScript program manager said that his team was excited with its release. It provides support to JavaScipt tools and libraries, close ECMAScript aligment, and a poweful language service, which provides excellent experience of editing to the editors.


For developers TypeScript 2.0 makes it simpler to use and get the delaration files. Daniel says that earlier “learning how to acquire and manage declaration file dependencies” was an improtant point for the users but with the TypeScript 2.0 command npm install –save @types/lodash installs the scoped package @types/lodash, automatic iumport the lodash in the develpor program. Besides, non-nullable types have also introdued in this new TypeScript 2.0 release. Daniel team says that TypeScript 2.0 do not provide protection to undefined and null issues.

What is Null and Undefined?

Null and undefined are known as the common bug sources in JavaScript. Before the release of TypeScript 2.0 they were the part of every domain type or were just the checking mode, but now they can be used as names.

In the type analysis of code TypeScript 2 adds a major improvement, now it is more widened and narrowed that knows the flow of code.



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